Rafsanjani expresses doubts about the regime’s future

November 25, 2009

Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, mullahs’ former president and current head of the State Expediency Council expressed doubts that the mullahs’ regime “facing much public dissent can continue along its path,” said Hussein Marashi, the state run news agency ILNA reported on Friday.

Marashi, a former minister during Rafsanjani’s presidency, also warned that there is no hope that the regime can overcome the crises. 

“The system [regime] must admit that there are serious public dissents to the extent of a crisis.  At least 80 percent of Tehran residents are protesting the current situation and there is no hope that the current government can solve the problems,” he said.

He warned that the demands of people are “gradually increasing” and “the movement is being more radicalized… Hence the system [regime] must take the issue seriously.”

Marashi stressed that only reaching a compromise with various factions can prevent the downfall of the mullahs’ regime.


Support for Ashraf

November 25, 2009

Friends of a Free Iran Intergroup (FOFI) at the European Parliament published its report on a meeting held at the European Parliament on November 11, 2009. In the meeting chaired by Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Vice President of the European Parliament, and attended by dozens of Euro MPs and a large number of staff members at the European Parliament, the participants discussed the current situation in Camp Ashraf in Iraq, where 3,400 members of the Iranian opposition reside, and also the nationwide uprising in Iran against the ruling religious dictatorship. Mrs.

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, was the keynote speaker. Other speakers and participants included Mrs. Eva-Britt Svensson, Chair of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality; Mr. Struan Stevenson, President of the Iraq Delegation; Mr. Stephen Hughes, First Vice President of the Socialist and Democrats Group; Mr. Vytautas Landsbergis, Former President of Lithuania; Mr. Tunne Kelam, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs; Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott, EP Vice President; Mr. Søren Søndergaard; Mr. Jim Higgins, Member of Parliament’s Bureau; Mr. Filip Kaczmarek; and Mr. Jean-Pierre Audy. Representatives of European Member States expressed their solidarity with the Iranian people’s uprising and condemned the Iranian government’s brutal crackdown. They declared that they will continue with their support for the rights of Ashraf residents and the implementation of the European Parliament’s April 24, 2009 resolution on Ashraf.

Members and supporters of opposition will be sentenced to death

November 20, 2009

Members and supporters of anti-regime groups will be sentenced to death, says Iranian regime’s prosecutor

Mohseni-Ejei, the Prosecutor General of the Iranian regime, in a bid to justify cruel death sentences handed down by mullahs’ judiciary to a number of those arrested in anti-regime nationwide uprising said that punishment for “those who are linked to counter-revolutionary groups whose leadership remain intact is death, as it is stated in the law, it also includes their supporters, even though they many not have been part of their military wing.” He added, “Proportionate to their crimes… the judiciary… has taken into consideration the maximum punishment.”

Open admission by mullahs’ prosecutor general to handing down of collective death sentences to all members and supporters of opposition groups, particularly the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), reveals the very anti-human nature of the clerical regime ruling Iran that respects no regulation or law but barbarism when it comes to annihilate its opponents. The task of the regime’s Kangaroo courts is nothing but to hand down these predetermined sentences.

Ejei’s made the remarks in Iranian regime’s state-run television to justify the death sentences that were handed down to a number of protestors and to further terrorize the courageous people of Iran, particularly the young and students, who have risen up against the regime. Although many have been arrested, tortured, raped and executed, they have not been intimidated by the regime and continue to press for their call for establishment of democracy and popular rule in Iran.

Five month after nationwide uprisings, outrageous show trials and extracting forced confessions from detainees, the Iranian regime finally handed down the sentences for 89 people on Wednesday, condemning five of them to death, of which two have been charged with supporting the PMOI.  The sentences are faced with anger and disgust by Iranian people.

The Iranian Resistance calls upon the Secretary General of the United Nations, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and all relevant international organizations to condemn the brutal human rights violations by the clerical regime in Iran. It also calls for adoption of binding measures against the regime including suspension of economic and political ties until torture, suppression and execution is fully halted in Iran.

A woman and three others hanged in Isfahan and Bojnourd, Iran

November 20, 2009

A 23-year-old man was hanged in a prison in the city of Bojnourd (northeastern Iran) on Wednesday, according to the state-run ISNA news agency (November 18, 2009). Three others, identified as Vahid Sh., Rasoul T., and Beygom P., one of whom a woman, were also hanged in the central prison of Isfahan on the same day.

URGENT Iran: Kvinne i fare for steining

November 18, 2009


Dødsdømte Kobra Babaei er i fare for å bli steinet i nær fremtid etter at ektemannen hennes ble hengt for “sodomi” 5. oktober.
Send appeller!

According to an interview given by Mohamad Mostafaei, Kobra Babaei and her husband Rahim Mohammadi’s lawyer, earlier this year, the couple had turned to prostitution to support themselves financially after a prolonged period of unemployment. They were both convicted of “adultery while being married”, a “crime” which carries a mandatory sentence of execution by stoning. Rahim Mohammadi was also convicted of “sodomy” for which the penalty is execution, the method to be specified by the judge. Mohammad Mostafaei has said he believes the execution was unlawful and has made public a letter he wrote to the Head of the Judiciary in which he said that there was no evidence of “sodomy” and that he believed this charge was brought against Rahim Mohammadi because it would allow the authorities to hang him, rather than stone him to death. The Iranian authorities did not inform Rahim Mohammadi’s lawyer that he was about to be executed, as is required by law. According to the lawyer, Kobra Babaei is at imminent risk of stoning now that her husband has been executed.

PLEASE WRITE IMMEDIATELY in Persian, Arabic, English, French or your own language: – Expressing regret at the hanging of Rahim Mohammadi on 5 October and calling for an immediate halt to the execution by stoning of Kobra Babaei, his wife; – Calling for all stoning sentences to be commuted and for those convicted not to be executed by any other means; – Urging the authorities to speedily enact a law that unequivocally bans stoning as a legal punishment and does not permit the use of other forms of the death penalty or flogging against those convicted of “adultery”.

PLEASE SEND APPEALS BEFORE 2 DECEMBER 2009. Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date. Bli med – velg aksjonsmåte! http://www.amnesty.no/web.nsf/pages/9D1FB071CD4DBF8EC125765800500987

Three young prisoners hanged in Ghaemshahr and Hamedan

November 16, 2009

Mullah’s resume barbaric practice of hanging in public Iranian regime’s henchmen hanged a 24-year-old man in public on Sunday in the northern city of Gaemshahr, state-run daily Kayhan reported today. The prisoner, who was identified by his initial as A. B., was hanged near Velayat Square in the city. Meanwhile, two other prisoners were hanged in Hamedan’s prison, northwestern Iran, on Saturday, the state-run website ISCANEWS reported on November 14. They were identified by their first name as Habib, 21, and Mohammad who was serving his obligatory national military training at the time of his arrest.

Gathering of mothers of those killed or detained during uprising in Tehran’s Park Laleh and cemetery

November 16, 2009

Some 200 mothers of those killed during people’s uprisings and the political prisoners held a protest rally in Tehran’s Laleh Park on Saturday. Similar rallies have been held every Saturday since the beginning of nationwide uprising. The suppressive forces encircled Abnama Square inside the Park in order to prevent gathering and mothers’ demonstration.