Security forces raid home of student activist

April 27, 2010

Agents of the Arak Prosecutor’s Office entered the home of Abed Tavancheh, a former student activist, and threw out the residents intending to seal the house shut.

Abed Tavancheh is a former member of the Islamic Association of Amir Kabir University who was sentenced to one year of prison by the Revolutionary Court last December. But the Revolutionary Court refrained from giving him his written sentence and as a result, Tavancheh and his lawyer Naser Zarafshan did not sign the sentence which was orally announced to them. The judge presiding over the case then illegally sent this sentence to the Prison Sentence Implementation Department without first referring it to a court of review. 

After this illegal measure, Dr. Zarafshan immediately filed a complaint against the judge but with pressure from the Arak Intelligence Agency, the Prosecutor’s office considered the sentence confirmed and the agents of the Prison Sentence Implementation Department raided this student’s home in an attempt to arrest him (even on the countdown to the New Iranian Year).

Finally, today, these agents came to his home, (the ownership document of his home had been pledged for Tavancheh’s temporary release from prison) and gathered the home belongings to seal it shut. These agents temporarily ceased their action after they were met with resistance from the residents of the house but they threatened that they will seal the house as soon as possible because they had an evacuation warrant.

The Tavancheh family is currently in a poor mental state and security forces constantly call their home demanding that they hand over their son to security forces. (Student News – April 24, 2010)


State run news agency fires female journalist for participation in demo

April 27, 2010

Zeinab Kazemzadeh (ISNA reporter) who was arrested in her home at 3 am on February 7, 2010 by 9 agents of the Intelligence Agency went to the ISNA offices after her release from prison, but Saied Pourali, the former head of this news agency, called her a ‘traitor’ and said that they cannot accept her as a employee in ISNA.

8 students of Ahwaz University barred or suspended from education

April 27, 2010

At least eight students of the Chamran University in Ahwaz were denied the right to education on orders of the head of this university and were banned from entering university grounds. They are Javad Alikhani, suspended for two semesters, Arman Momini, Mohammad Moussavi Rahimi, Mohsen Jafarpour, Faranak Osulian, Fatemeh Taqvazadeh and Ahmad Koshtkar who were each sentenced to one semester of suspension. These are students whose sentences were finalized but there are many other students who are waiting for their final sentences. (Student News – April 24, 2010)

Two arrested teachers under pressure in Evin Prison

April 27, 2010

Two jailed teachers in Evin Prison have been under pressure by interrogators of the Ministry of Intelligence in the past few months to prevent the publishing of the news of their arrest.

According to reports, two detained teachers, Qorban Ahmadi and Hossein Bastani Nejad, are under pressure so that their families refrain from publishing the news of their arrest and condition. Qorban Ahmadi in the principal of a Quran school in regions 5 and 2 of Tehran and Hossein Bastani Nejad is a retired teacher. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – April 25, 2010)

Orumieh prisoner denied treatment despite critical condition

April 27, 2010

A jailed Kurd Syrian national, Ramezan Ahmad Kamal, has not received any medical attention despite his poor health and need for treatment.

According to this report, Ramezan Ahmad Kamal from Qameshlou in Syria’s Kurdistan is unable to cope with prison because of his many illnesses and has to receive treatment outside prison. Legal procedures for this issue have been taken many times but relevant officials have deprived him of medical treatment.

He is currently kept in inhumane conditions in cellblock 8 in the Orumieh Central Prison and has been denied the right to a lawyer. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – April 25, 2010)

Female political prisoners protest being kept with criminals

April 27, 2010

According to reports, political prisoners in the women’s section in Evin Prison held a sit-in outside the office of the head of this section and demanded that prison regulations that state that prisoners have to be segregated in respect of their crimes be carried out.

The head of the block, Rezayi, threatened them saying that the prosecutor has to order the segregation. These prisoners announced that they will continue their protest until their demands are met. In this section, all female prisoners are segregated by their crimes except political prisoners. (Goya News – April 25, 2010)

Iraqi government lies about its Thursday attack on Ashraf residents to set stage for further attacks

April 21, 2010


While the Thursday night attack by the Iraqi forces against Ashraf residents has earned another disgrace for Nouri al-Maliki and his outgoing government, the Iranian regime and its agents in Iraq have resorted to fabrication of more lies and deception.

By misrepresenting the facts and making contradictory claims, they are trying to evade further disgrace on the one hand and to set the stage for more attacks on the residents of Camp Ashraf on the other.

The Iraqi forces inhumane attacks against the residents have prompted condemnations by Iraqi groups and personalities as well as widespread international condemnations.

Upon the advice of the terrorist Quds Force and the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad, the committee within Prime Minister’s office that is responsible for suppression of Ashraf residents and the Iraqi Army Intelligence (Estekhbarat) based in Ashraf pretended in their reports that the incident on Thursday evening was instigated by the residents during which a number of the Iraqi forces were wounded.

The Iraqi News Information Agency ( associated with al-Maliki Quoted last night “a security source within the Iraqi Army” as saying, “The elements of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) today clashed with Iraqi security forces in charge of protection of Ashraf… PMOI members have installed loudspeakers on camp’s buildings to play songs that encourage resistance… The camp’s security guards asked them to stop playing the songs… After their refusal a number of guards acted to remove the loudspeakers but they faced violent reactions by the PMOI members that lead to clashes which left five of them severely wounded.”

In contradictory reports provided to news media, the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister claimed that: “The police forces were attacked by the PMOI as they went to turn off their loudspeakers. Three police officers were injured.”

Al-forat, the Arabic language TV associated with the Iranian regime, last night claimed that: “The PMOI clashes with Camp Ashraf guards in Diyala province.” The Qatar News Agency quoted an Iraqi security source as saying: “The clashes left five people severely wounded on both sides.”

As it was mentioned in our April 16 statement, on Thursday evening, in a failed attempt, Iraqi forces attacked Ashraf residents and tried to overtake some of installations inside the camp. The assault took place in support of the agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and the terrorist Quds Force stationed at the entrance of Ashraf. The agents, with full support of the Iraqi army battalion and the clerical regime’s embassy in Baghdad, have been psychologically torturing the residents of Ashraf for the past 70 days. Using high powered amplifiers and loudspeakers they have been threatening to “set fire” and “close down” Ashraf and “kill” PMOI members residing in the camp. The agents have been disrupting peace for the camp residents.

At about mid-night Thursday, while agents were screaming abusive rhetoric in their loudspeakers, as they did previous nights, an Iraqi colonel and a captain by the names of Ali and Jawad entered the camp and said that the loudspeakers by Ashraf residents should be turned off under the orders of the Iraqi government to allow the voice of the loudspeakers of the regime agents be heard. The Iraqi colonel threatened that if the order was not complied with, then his forces would enter the camp and take over the buildings at the entrance of the camp by force. He said the government had instructed that the agents are free to say anything they want in their loudspeakers but the residents of Ashraf are not allowed to do the same. When the Iraqi forces failed to intimidate the residents and realized that they would not give in to threats of shooting and killing them, then they decided to attack the residents with clubs, electric batons and iron bars supported by five Humvee military vehicles. Five Ashraf residents were wounded in the attack and were taken to hospital. Their attempt to take a woman resident of Ashraf hostage failed when faced with her resistance and protests by other residents.

Prior to the attack, another statement by the NCRI secretariat quoted “reports sent by the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad to the terrorist Quds Force and the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security” revealing that the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office and the Iraqi Army battalion stationed at Camp Ashraf are cooperating fully with the MOIS agents camped out at Ashraf’s main gate. It stated that Colonel Latif Abdol-Amir Hashem Al-Enavi, commander of the Iraqi battalion, supposedly responsible for protection of Ashraf residents, and his battalion’s chain of command have been assisting the MOIS agents and arranging for everything they need.