Prison guards torture prisoner to death in Sari Prison

Hadi Aravand, a death row prisoner in Sari Prison was killed under torture.

The head of this prison has claimed that he committed suicide with a sheet but the forensics doctor said he died after being choked.

The signs and bruises from torture were clearly evident all over his body to the extent that one of his hands was broken and his back was injured. There was also a 1 cm cut around his neck which cancels the probability of suicide. A person close to him has announced that the cuts around his wrists show how much pressure he was under while dying.

 “Hadi was transferred from his cell on April 30 at about 5 pm and a few hours later, his injured and wounded body was at the Sari Hospital”, this person added.

According to the forensics doctor, his feet were crossed and shackled while his hands were tied from behind while he was killed and he did not have any opportunity to commit suicide. In this position, he was choked with a plastic strap which was placed around his neck.

According to other prisoners, since the arrival of a new warden named Abedi, there were four instances of suspicious deaths in this prison in the past 7 months which shows the bad conditions under which prisoners are kept in Sari Prison.

Hadi Aravandi, 23, was sentenced to death and would have been executed three months from now. He committed murder in a street fight on March 19, 2008 and was buried last Sunday in the cemetery in Surak which is a few kilometers from Sari.


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