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Ashraf, det iranske folkets håp om frihet

Etter massiv undertrykkelse av opposisjonelle flyktet tusener dissidenter til ørkenlandskapet i grenseområdet mellom Iran og Irak. Her grunnla de en by som de har kalt Ashraf. Navnet Ashraf (kvinnenavn) har byen fått som symbol på iranske flyktningers motstand mot khomeiniregimets undertrykkelse. På kort tid ble det tørre ørkenlandskapet omskapt til en fruktbar oase hvor innbyggerne vier sine liv til kampen om frihet i Iran.


Forsvarsløse helter

Det folkelige opprøret har satt skrekk i presteregimet og tegnet et levende bilde en kommende undergang.Undertrykkelsesapparatet er aktivert i Iran for å slå ned på opposisjonelle. Også i utlandet søker regimet å eliminere sine motstandere. Den 28 og 29 juni 2009 iverksatte de en væpnet angrep mot uvæpnede og forsvarsløse flyktninger i Ashraf. Angrepet etterlot 11 døde, 500 sårede og 36 gisler. Etter storstilt internasjonal kampanje, samt fangenes egen 72 dager lang sultestreik ble de bortførte løslatt.

Av de 3400 flyktningen i Ashraf er 1000 kvinner. Disse har status som ”beskyttede personer” i henhold til 4. Geneve konvensjon.


Støtte til Ashraf:

–         Arrangering av aksjoner og konferanser til støtte for Ashraf.

–         Dekke utgiftene til advokatbistand for innbyggerne i Ashraf til å ivareta deres rettssikkerhet som flyktninger.

–         Støtte til motstandsbevegelsens satelittsendinger som avslører det iranske regimets brutalitet og menneskerettighetsbrudd.

To see the attack on Ashraf click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyrGAmaL2ZM



latest news  of Ashraf:

Iraqi forces prevent entry of medicine and food to Camp Ashraf       

Despite cold season, no fuel has been allowed into Ashraf for past month
As cruel and inhuman siege of Camp Ashraf continues to intensify, the Iraqi forces on Tuesday morning prevented entry of a vehicle carrying essential medicine for the residents of Ashraf, especially for those wounded in July attack and seriously ill.

In an attempt by Ashraf residents, the vehicle returned to the camp in the afternoon but it was stopped again by Iraqi forces and forced to drive away.

Several containers carrying potatoes, vegetables and other food stuff were also prevented from entering the camp on Tuesday. The Iraqi forces said that a representative from the Prime Ministry Committee, which is responsible for suppression of Camp Ashraf, must go from Baghdad to the camp to issue permission to allow food inside.

Additionally, it has been for over a month that no fuel has been allowed into the camp. On November 4, the Iraqi forces arrested the drivers of two fuel tankers going to Ashraf. They were transferred to a prison in the city of Khalis, near Ashraf, and still kept there charged with carrying fuel for Ashraf residents. As temperature falling in the cold season and due to constant power cuts, lack of fuel poses serious threats to Ashraf residents.

During recent weeks, surgeons and specialist physicians had difficulties to go into the camp to carry out surgeries and other treatments needed especially for the wounded and patients with serious ailments. Many of them were not allowed into the camp at all.

Considering the fact that cruel siege on Ashraf and prevention of entry of food, medicine, fuel and medical doctors to the camp are serious cases of war crime and crime against humanity, the Iranian Resistance calls on the United States Ambassador to Iraq and the U.S. forces in that country, the United Nations Secretary General, U.N. Security Council, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Special Representative of the Secretary General for Iraq, United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and all human rights organizations to condemn the criminal siege on Ashraf and take urgent measures to remove it.

Iraqi lawmakers condemn government’s plans for displacement of Camp Ashraf residents      
December 2009
Camp AshrafMr. Omar Badi, a member of the Human Rights Committee of the Iraqi Parliament, condemned the Iraqi government’s pressures on Camp Ashraf residents as part of its plan for their forcible displacement.Camp Ashraf located in north of Baghdad in Diyala province is home to some 3400 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) who have been living there for over two decades.He said: “I do not understand what is the purpose of those actions by the Iraqi government while members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran are confined to their camp and are not allowed to leave the camp.”

” Since they are on the Iraqi soil, a solution for the issue regarding this organization should be found through dialogue not their harassment,” he added.

Mr. Adel Barwari, aother Member of Parliament from the Kurdish coalition described the displacement of Ashraf residents as a violation of human rights.  He said: The Iraqi government cannot displace Ashraf residents or hand them over to the Iranian regime, as it contradicts the principles of human rights.”

Mr. Barwari emphasized that “pressures by Iranian regime, has driven the Iraqi government to plan for displacement of Camp Ashraf residents.” 

Mr. Taha Al-Lahibi, MP and Leader of the Democratic Group in the parliament, said in a statement, “The Iraqi government should deal with members of the PMOI as human beings and under the human rights principles and international conventions.”

Dr. Saleh Mutlak, leader of the National Dialogue Front condemned the Iraqi government’s measures against Ashraf residents. He said the steps taken show that for the government, protection of Iraqi people is less important than complying with the orders issued by the Iranian regime. He said the location of Camp Ashraf is not an issue for Iraqi people who are trying to have security on their own land.

 – Iraq4all, December 19, 2009
 – al-Malaf, December 17, 2009
 – SotalIraq , December 17, 2009

US Congressmen support Ashraf residents’ rights, caution Iraq

In a press conference in Capitol Hill on December 15, members of US Congress denounced plans by Iraqi government to displace Ashraf residents. Excerpt from their remarks follow:

Congressman Bob Filner of California (Co-Chair of the Iran Human Rights and Democracy Caucus in the Congress): “We are here to call on whoever will listen, the Iraqi government, the US government, to halt the forcible relocation of the residents of Camp Ashraf. We believe that the American government took on the responsibilities of protecting the fourth Geneva Convention to protect political refugees and we expect the US to act on this commitment. Just yesterday Secretary Clinton was talking human rights of individuals around the world. Right now we have a human rights case that is an emergency and we expect the Secretary, we expect the President of the United States, and we expect all of the US government to protect the residents of Ashraf. These are Iranian dissidents who have provided us with some of the best information on what is going on in Iran. These are the people who we will be counting on and we must protect them. We think this congress and this administration has to take all necessary steps to protect the safety of those who are in fact on our side in the struggle against the tyrannical Iranian government.”

Congressman Michael Coffman of Colorado

I appeal to the government of Iraq to respect the human rights of those in Camp Ashraf and that forcibly evicting them from Camp Ashraf, I believe would cause them great harm. Iraq is a sovereign state but by forcibly evicting those in Camp Ashraf, it is subordinating itself to the will of Iran and not to being a sovereign state of its own.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California

We did not spend a trillion dollars nor sacrifice the blood and suffering of our young defenders in order to see that Iranian nationals who oppose the Iranian mullahs are being attacked by the government we put in place in Iraq. This is unacceptable. We are going to be looking very closely at what is happening there.  The United States can’t just stand aside and let this happen. We are watching very closely, the government of Iraq should understand they cannot violate the human rights of these people who are opposing the mullah dictatorship of Iran without serious consequences to themselves.


Congressman Ted Poe of Texas

It does not go unnoticed that the oppressive Iranian regime is trying to influence the Iraqi administration to relocate those good people in Camp Ashraf to unknown places. Many of us in Congress and other people in the United States are quiet aware of this tragedy, but we are going to watch what takes place.

We expect and demand that the Iraqi government secure the safety of these people in Camp Ashraf. If any harm comes to them, that harm will be on the backs and shoulders of the Iraqi government under the influence of the Iranian government. We hope that Iraq follows the Geneva Convections and secures the safety of these people. We are supportive of the freedom and of the liberty of these individuals at Camp Ashraf and we will be ever mindful, watchful to make sure their safety is secured.


One Response to about Ashraf

  1. Per Ariansen says:

    The idea that laws are prescribed for humans by gods and that a class of priests should communicate and implement such laws on behalf of the gods is barbaric and belongs in a Dark Age, not in the present day. Those who bravely resist such a regime fight not only for their people, but for all mankind.


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